In 2017 I had the pleasure to work on a freelance project for Kapilendo. Kapilendo is an investment platform for P2P business credits. Back then, Kapilendo was still divided into credits and ventures. The goal was to unify the platform and also implement new features to the existing application.

I was responsible for creating a new user interface design for the application update and also for UX design consultation. As I didn’t have access to user feedback, I implemented a continuous feedback loop with all stakeholders from Kapilendo to build the best possible solution for them. The involvement of the Founder team helped to get information from the business and development perspective.

During the project I’ve created different prototypes and used the feedback to iterate the design until we met all requirements of the new features.


The main screen for the user was the portfolio. Kapilendo wanted to add a new notification and messages area to inform the user about updates, new projects and payments. There were different message types, which led to different sections in the application. Moreover a payment overview needed to be implemented to see all recent payment activity of the investments.

Besides the application Kapilendo wanted to optimise the onboarding experience, to increase user registrations. For the project overview they used a card layout to showcase each project. The cards also needed a redesign, as they wanted to emphasise the asset class and also streamline the layout across different investment types.

Redesign of the cards


The team of Kapilendo delivered a simple wireframe of the new portfolio, which helped to build the new design. As it was my first P2P project, I also did some research on other platforms in the market to get more insights and best practices.

A comprehensive evaluation of the onboarding process from the UX perspective also helped the team to optimise the flow and experience.


During the project I was responsible for the ux/ui design and created different prototypes of the portfolio screen. Using click dummies, I was able to get fast feedback from the team and iterate on the new application style. Creating a style guide helped to extend the new style to all the other parts of the existing application.

For the project cards I’ve created a simple, but modular card style. This helped to have a cleaner overview of the existing projects.

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